Podcast recommendations, April 2011

When doing monotonous physical tasks, I like to give my brain something to think about. Mowing grass, painting trim, drilling parts or digging holes don’t provide much in the way of mental stimulation, but an audio book or podcast can provide some mental stimulation or entertainment and make the time fly by faster.

For all things about the art and science of beer brewing along with some occasional irreverent humor.
The BN Presents – Brew Strong
The BN Presents – The Jamil Show

News related podcasts from a variety of sources.
The Economist
NPR: Most Emailed Stories
NPR: Planet Money
Wall Street Journal
Science Talk
Science Update Podcast from AAAS

Human interest stories and interviews with unique individuals.
The Moth Podcast
NPR: Fresh Air
This American Life

Edit: A couple of recommendations from friends as we were solving the worlds problems over beers one Thursday night.

From Dain; Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

From Martin; Late Night Live (ABC Radio National Australia)

And from Nick;
In Our Time (BBC)
You Look Nice Today
The Sound of Young America
The Night Air (ABC Radio National / Australia)
The Bugle
Shift Run Stop (currently on hiatus)
Answer Me This!
Bookworm (KCRW)
Writers & Company (CBC)

And Dan Benjamin’s 5×5 podcasts — Back to Work w/ Merlin Mann, The Talk Show w/ John Gruber, etc.