Book Scanner progress Feb 9

With some more time on the milling machine I now have a few more machined parts to assemble the book scanner. Machine screws, shoulder bolts and bearings that were ordered from McMaster-Carr also arrived which facilitated the assembly process.

piviot block
Close up of the machined pivot block for the shoulder bolt.

pivot block
Shoulder bolt pivot block and the upright extrusions with the 5/16-18 flat head cap screw used for assembling these parts together.
pivot block
The pivot block that the shoulder bolt will screw into and the 5/16-18 socket head cap screw. This pivot block is used at the base of the upright extrusions and the end of the upper bridge extrusions.
upper bridge extrusion
The upper bridge extrusion showing the ends and the central pivot hole.
upper bridge extrusion and pivots
The upper bridge extrusions with the pivot blocks installed.
upper extrusion central pivot
The upper extrusion showing the central pivot holes, the central pivot bar and shoulder bolt.
base mounting plate
The base mounting plate where the upright will bolt on.
assembled frame
The assembled framework up close.
assembled frame collapsed
The assembled framework in the collapsed state.
assembled frame extended
The assembled framework in the extended state.