Motorcycle, Work and Winter

So a lot has been happening here in the last month. So in chronological order here is the scoop.

Pieces and parts…

I have started to fix stuff on my motorcycle with the hope that it will warm up around here and I can go for a ride someday soon. As you can see the motorcycle is in a state of partial disassembly. I will need to take it apart a little bit more before everything starts going back together again. New tires arrived this week and the next batch of parts will be ordered soon.

The next bit of news came last week as the company that I have worked at for the last 10 years had to layoff half of the staff due to the slowdown in orders from customers. I was one of the workers let go, and so now I find myself one of the gainfully unemployed. I am not really that concerned at the moment, as I have a large backlog of projects at home and several job prospects lined up already.

Oh the weather outside is frightful

And finally, we have been having what feels like a real winter for a change. So last night the temperature started falling along with the snow and this morning when Boots and I went for our walk this morning it was 13 degrees, and everything was covered in snow which was covering over the ice underneath. Although it is only supposed to get to a high of 29 today, I expect that the roads will be dry by mid afternoon.

Hope everyone is staying warm and doing well.