Book Scanner

Alumi-Porta-Collapsi-Scanner for Books V 0.1

When the tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.
So, having some aluminum extrusion laying around looks like a book scanner waiting to happen.

The goal is to have a functioning, portable, collapsible, book scanner before the design needs to be revised to Version 0.2.
Features will hopefully include;
Portability – Version 0.1 will not be carry on luggage compliant but would be small enough for checked luggage for travel.
Collapsibility – Nesting parts that will unfold and assemble with a minimal amount of hardware.
Light Weight – Make moving around as easy as possible.

The aim is to have a 12″ x 12″ page size capacity for art books, historical documents, newspaper clippings and photo albums.

Some of the information that I have found at the forum that has given me inspiration includes;

Daniels 3rd Generation Scanner
Seeing this model and the pile of aluminum that I have got the ball rolling on this project.

Daniels collapsible scanner

Daniels 5th Generation scanner

nalfonso’s Simple, Portable, Personal DIY book scanner