Keg & Carboy Washer

A clean brewery is of primary importance to any successful home brewer. Most of home brewing is the cleaning beforehand and afterwards, so if you like washing the dishes, you will probably make a good home brewer. But, like many other home brewers, I’m always on the lookout to improve the performance of a process and make it easier for me as well.

Like many other home brewers, I was immediately intrigued when I heard Dr. Scott describe his keg washing setup on The Brewing Network many years ago. Since then I have followed the various builds that home brewers have done over the years and taken note of the changes and improvements that people have made to the original design. Some of the designs that I found during my research can be found here, here and here.

This is a great tool and makes for some of the more difficult cleaning that happens during the home brewing process to be improved, automated and simplified. Below you will find pictures describing the process I went through building my own keg and carboy washer.

keg and carboy plumbing
These are the plumbing parts that you will need to attach to the pump.
bucket lid layout
Using the bottom of a paint can will give you an ideal sized hole for kegs to drain through while still providing support for the keg handles.
bucket lid modification
Keg post connections have been drilled. Now cutting out the top of the bucket lid with a jig saw.