Liquid Logic Kayaks Tour

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be invited along to tour the Liquid Logic Kayak manufacturing plant. Getting to see up close the techniques that they use to make their boats was really amazing. And then we got to see the testing lab. This kayak was filled with water and dropped […]

Book Scanner progress Jan 27

The Book Scanner project is moving slowly, but moving nonetheless. Pictured below is the lower frame and the beginnings of the collapsible pivot mechanisms. The lower frame is held together with four 5/16-18 bolts and the specialized washers used for assembly of this extrusion. The plate seen in the lower left of the image is […]

Space Shuttle Atlantis Launch

On July 8th, Alice and I drove to Florida to stay with my cousin Val and her husband Bob to see the last space shuttle launch. It was a bit of a drive from Asheville but totally worth it. Initially the weather was looking very dicy and there was a 70% chance that the launch […]

Blue Ridge Parkway Ride, June 13th

    Well, it finally stopped raining heavily for a day so I went for a ride up to and on the Blue Ridge Parkway. This photo is from the section between Mount Pisgah and Asheville. To get to the top of Mount Pisgah I took a single lane fire road from the Mills River […]

Motorcycle, Work and Winter

So a lot has been happening here in the last month. So in chronological order here is the scoop. I have started to fix stuff on my motorcycle with the hope that it will warm up around here and I can go for a ride someday soon. As you can see the motorcycle is in […]

New addition to the Asheville house

Well they can’t throw us out of West Asheville now that we have adopted a dog from some of Alices relatives in Tennesee. Boots is a 13 year old Border Collie mix of some sort and quite spry for her age. She came to us after Alices Great-Aunt passed away in December. Alices Great-Uncle passed […]