Book Scanner progress Jan 27

The Book Scanner project is moving slowly, but moving nonetheless. Pictured below is the lower frame and the beginnings of the collapsible pivot mechanisms. The lower frame is held together with four 5/16-18 bolts and the specialized washers used for assembly of this extrusion. The plate seen in the lower left of the image is […]

Motorcycle, Work and Winter

So a lot has been happening here in the last month. So in chronological order here is the scoop. I have started to fix stuff on my motorcycle with the hope that it will warm up around here and I can go for a ride someday soon. As you can see the motorcycle is in […]

WV Trip Report

So the roof is on and walls are about 80% complete. All in all, a sucessful trip. The casualty list is as follows. 1) Backpacking stove fuel pump. 2) My left thumb. 3) My trailer and 4 sheets of plywood. In the future (Spring 2009) will see completion of the rest of the walls, outside […]

Building a Tower by Lashings

The art of Lashing, that is binding multiple poles together with rope and knots, was one of the earliest skills that civilized humans developed. But it’s not just a skill for ancient peoples. For very little cost and an afternoon of effort with your friends and family you can build your own tower in the […]

Hughs Plywood Desk

Building a three dimensional object from a two dimensional material has always interested me from a engineering as well as a material efficiency¬†perspective. I have build many items including desks, tables, bookshelves and bedframes from plywood and other sheet materials. This is the third desk that I have built using a flat, two dimensional material, […]